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60 capsules  |  60 servings

Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol is best known for healthy bone mineral density and healthy serum (blood) calcium levels.  Cholecalciferol is synthesized in human skin as a response to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The cholesterol compound created as a byproduct of this process becomes the building block of Vitamin D3 via its natural form. Many people have low Vitamin D levels and supplementation offers its full benefits without exposure to excessive sunlight.*

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin important for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous as well as the functioning of calcium in the body. This includes the maintenance of healthy bones*

Adequate storage levels of Vitamin D can also maintain bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis in older adults*

Proper levels of Vitamin D are necessary to avoid ailments such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancers such as those of the breast and colon*

Can improve bone health and the overall functioning of the musculoskeletal system*

According to the Prescription for Nutritional Healing, daily incorporation into ones diet can help maintain thyroid functions and normal blood clotting*

The PDR for Nutritional Supplements, 2nd Ed reports Vitamin D carries anti-osteoporotic properties. Osteoporosis occurs when there is an imbalance between resorption and rebuilding of bone. Chronic deficiency of Vitamin D can possibly result in decreased calcium absorption and hyperparathyroidism*

Hair loss may be linked to deficiency of a Vitamin D rich diet*

Vitamin D has a positive effect on metabolism and can speed weight loss by up to 70 percent*

Studies at the University of Minnesota and Laval University found Vitamin D triggers weight loss primarily in the abdomen*

Use of Vitamin D helps to keep serotonin levels balanced resulting in less hunger and cravings* reports Vitamin D3 may also help to prevent the immune system from attacking the body and is a powerful mediator of immune functions*

According to the PDR for Nutritional Supplements, 2nd Ed, Vitamin D exhibits both immune-enhancing and immunosuppressive benefits*