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30 capsules  |  30 servings

Researched Resveratrol is a polyphenol that provides protection to a healthy cardiovascular system, balances glucose, safeguards against insulin resistance and supports healthy fat metabolism. It is a naturally occurring nutrient in grapes, Japanese knotweed, peanuts and dark berries, and also helps to neutralize fungal and bacterial attacks on the body.*

Product derived from 500 mg of Japanese knotweed, yielding 250 mg of pure resveratrol in each capsule.

Japanese knotweed extract is a more concentrated, potent and consistent source of resveratrol than grape extracts*

Resveratrol is an ideal antioxidant source working as a free-radical scavenger*

Composed of polyphenolic compounds and can have a very high affinity for collagen and body tissues. Includes, but not limited to benefitting the skin, arteries, heart and brain*

It is suggested polyphenolic compounds can support the structural integrity of many tissues they attach to, thus helping to offset physical wear and tear*

Resveratrol stimulates production of SIRT1, a serum that blocks diseases by speeding up the cell’s energy production centers known as mitochondria, and recharging them to enhance cell function and delay cell death*

Studies are ongoing to explore the ability of resveratrol to affect the longevity of gene life*

May support cardiovascular health and often reduces blood pressure by opening the arteries, therefore increasing the blood flow through them*

May help promote weight loss by working away at the body’s fat storage for extra energy. May trigger special sensors in the intestine to give a feeling of fullness- which results in eating less, and additional weight loss benefits*

Resveratrol is linked to protection against obesity and diabetes, a reduced risk for blood clotting and may lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, due to the compound’s ability to dilate blood vessels, increase nitric oxide and block the stickiness of platelets*

Helps the body to maintain a balanced immune system*

May support the body’s healthy reaction to bacterial and fungal levels*

Supports the health of major organs, including the liver and kidneys*

Prevents the body from producing enzymes which trigger inflammation*