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30 capsules  |  30 servings

Prescribed Choice’s Nattokinase Complex is a multi-benefit formula. Nattokinase is derived as a result of fermented soybeans. Research has shown that Nattokinase may aid in maintaining natural coagulation of blood, cardiovascular and circulatory health*

Grape Seed Extract is great for supporting poor circulation and high cholesterol*

Our highly specialized blend is great for individuals seeking to maintain healthy blood pressure*

Anyone seeking a high-quality cardiovascular antioxidant is encouraged to use our complex*

Fibrin is a protein in blood that when activated, forms fibrinogen which manages healthy blood clotting*

Grape Seed Extract provides antioxidants which aid in protecting the body’s cells from damage and can reduce swelling caused by injury*

Grape Seed Extract has been linked to improving diabetes-related eye disease*

Unique combination of Grape Seed and Nattokinase supports cardiovascular health*

May support normal blood clotting*

Provides the circulatory system with antioxidant protection*