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60 capsules  |  30 servings

Lean Complex is a unique patented compound with versatile biological actions. It is manufactured through a proprietary process and is a standardized extract from the roots of Coleus forskohlii plant, the only known plant source of forskohlin.

Lean Complex made with 500 mg ForsLean® has shown promising results in three areas:

Enhancing lean body mass

Promoting fat and weight loss

Reducing food intake

Lean Complex activates the protein kinase which has been shown to activate the hormone-sensitive lipase which is involved in the breakdown of triglycerides, known as building blocks of fatty tissue*

Forskohlin induces a chain reaction of biochemical events which trigger metabolic processes and diet induced thermogenesis, thereby providing the means to maintain healthy body compositions and lean body mass levels*

Studies have indicated reduction in total body weight, body mass index and body fat with use of forskohlii*

Our blend includes a proprietary extract composition of Coleus forskohlii root, standardized for 10% forskohlin*

The thyroid-stimulating action of our specialized blend is comparable in strength to thyrotropin or TSH and may also contribute to an increase in the body’s metabolic rate and thermogenesis*

Clinical studies revealed that consuming forskohlin in the patented ForsLean composition, for 12 weeks at the daily dose did not cause adverse effects on the systolic/diastolic blood pressure and pulse rates*