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90 capsules  |  30 servings

Inflameric combines therapeutic doses of herbs that may manage swelling associated with daily living along with MSM which also may support healthy pain management. This formula is designed to help maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range and does not contain glucosamine.*

Designed for its use as an effective natural Cox-2 inhibitor and inflammation reducer, research suggests inhibiting an enzyme known as Cox-2 may be an effective way to reduce inflammation*

Contains beta-boswellic acids extensively studied for their properties involving inflammation and degeneration of the muscles, which are more beneficial, less toxic and more potent than standard anti-inflammatory drugs*

Researchers have found that the boswellia extract significantly reduced pain and improved physical functioning for those with osteoarthritis*

A combination of boswellia serrata and curcumin (tumeric) are often used in formulations for their synergistic effects. Curcumin is widely used for its anti-inflammatory effects and studies show greater reduction in symptoms such as joint swelling and pain. Additionally, there appears to be fewer side effects compared with those who took standard drugs*

With MSM, which helps in the building of joint and connective tissues, and may also reduce inflammatory problems*

Our blend includes enzymes for health-boosting as well as anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce pain and swelling in the body especially post-surgery. May also aid in preservation of afflicted joint tissue. Studies show systemic oral enzymes were shown to offer strong protection to the joint matrix*

Contains Devil’s Claw clinically proven to increase joint mobility and flexibility. Several studies have shown taking Devil’s Claw for 8 - 12 weeks reduces pain and improves physical functioning in people with osteoarthritis*

With Vitamin C and Zinc to improve circulation and promote healthy joint tissue*

Vitamin C is a key building block of collagen in the body helping cells to absorb iron.*

Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols which help the body to deflect free radicals and prevent cancerous cells*

Zinc combats common colds and helps to prevent infections of the ear and respiratory system*

Incorporating Zinc into one’s daily diet can protect skin from acne, herpes simplex infections and boosts wound healing time*