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30 capsules  |  30 servings

CoenzymeQ10 (Co-Q10) is a valuable, naturally occurring antioxidant necessary for energy production in every cell of the body.  Thus, Co-Q10 is a component of every living cell. As body levels of Co-Q10 drop, so does the general status of health. Our Co-Q10 is formulated with BioPerine – the only product sourced from piperine to obtain a patented status for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds and promote rapid absorption of nutrients. Secondly, it is the only source from piperine to undergo clinical studies in the U.S. to substantiate its safety and efficacy for nutritional use. 

BioPerine was found to:

Increase blood supply to the GI tract*

Increase emulsifying content of the gut*

Increase active nutrient transport*

Coenzyme Q10 is incorporated into the mitochondria of cells where it facilitates the transformation of fats and sugars into energy*

Tissues requiring the largest amounts of Coenzyme Q10, like the heart, are those which require the most energy. Our internal ability to produce Co-Q10 declines with age, as we get older we must rely more on Co-Q10 from our diets*

Coenzyme Q10 has shown evidence of supporting lower blood pressure and relaxing the heart muscle*

May improve blood sugar balance and help manage high blood pressure in people with diabetes. Two studies found that 100 mg of Co-Q10 twice daily improved A1c levels, a measure of long-term blood sugar control*

Japanese clinical reports have provided evidence that Co-Q10 taken at supplemental dosage can boost beta-cell function and glycemic control in type II diabetics*

Research shows that an insufficient amount of Co-Q10 is a contributing factor in some cases of obesity. A deficiency can contribute to lower energy levels and a slower metabolism*

Coenzyme Q10 is necessary for basic functioning of cells. Co-Q10 levels are reported to decrease with age and tend to be low in patients with some chronic diseases*

Recent studies have shown that the decline in Co-Q10 with age can lead to a number of damaging effects to the skin including a breakdown in collagen fibers and elastin at the cellular level. Skin can start to show signs of aging including the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with repeated free-radical exposure*

Co-Q10 has a natural ability to neutralize molecular oxidation, thereby limiting or preventing damage from free-radicals. In doing so, the compound can encourage the production of collagen and elastin*

Coenzyme Q10 is an integral part of the immune cycle. When levels of Co-Q10 are increased, the immune system receives more help from antibiotic and anti-viral drugs*

There are several case studies holding strong evidence that Co-Q10 may be a useful anti-cancer supplement*

Co-Q10 taken orally seems to help prevent migraine headaches. Studies show it can decrease the frequency of headaches by about 30% and the number of days with headache-related nausea by about 45% in adults*

Emerging evidence suggests that Co-Q10 can be helpful for dealing with neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s*